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Text that reads "What No One Tells You About Running a Micro Agency"

What No One Tells You About Running a Micro Agency

When you’re running a micro agency, you’re likely going to learn a lot of things along the way. Sometimes it’s surprising and other times you…

Image of a woman on a laptop with Text that reads "What is a Micro Agency?"

What is a Micro Agency?

Agencies are pitched as the natural next step when growing a service business, but is an agency right for you? And if you’re running an…

Image of woman at a desk with Text that reads "Finding clients in 2022":

The Full On Facts About Finding Clients in 2022

Is your business a little slow? Do you need better leads? Or you’re just plain sick of the marketing you’re doing? This episode is for…

image of call cenytre operators with text that reads "terrible takes on sales"

Terrible Takes on Sales (And What to Do Instead)

Have you ever thought you weren’t good at sales? Or that you’re missing some secret sales strategy? In this episode, we’re digging into some of…

image of woman on the couch with text that reads "planning for the unexpected"

Covering Your Ass: Planning for the Unexpected with Julee Yokoyama

Have you ever been lying in bed and thought about what would happen to your business if you were unable to work? Or if you…

image of maggie with text that reads "sell the strategy updates"

Sell the Strategy: Updates Based on What I Learned from Seven Clients

You’re probably already doing strategy work in your business, but you’re not getting paid for it. Or you’ve got strategy offers and you feel like…

image of woman cleaning with text that reads "cut the bs"

5 Places to Cut the BS in Your Service Business

As a business owner, sometimes you get a feeling. Like you’re missing something. Or like things can’t be this simple. I’m here to tell you…

image of woman at a laptop that reads "bs-free sustainability"

BS-Free Sustainability for Service Businesses

So many of the business strategies and tactics that we’re taught feel overwhelming. Like we need to learn something new and start over. But what…

image of woman looking out window with text that reads "the cult of scale"

The Cult of Scale

The Cult Of Scale (and Why Sustainability is More Important) By Maggie Patterson All opinions in this post are my opinions and mine alone. You…