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A5 Luxe Day Planner

Review of the a5 Luxe Day Designer

If you’re a planner nerd like me, you’ve probably heard about the Day Designer. I’ve been using the Flagship Day Designer for a couple of…

cult of consumption

Episode 86: Stop Buying Into the Online Business Cult of Consumption

We’ve all done it. Spent money thinking we were missing something or if we just did X, Y or Z, we’d get the magic formula.…

scaling your business

Episode 85: Stop Sweating it Over Scaling Your Business

When you’re growing a business, there’s one thing that you can’t ignore – scale. How exactly are you going to build this business? How will…

making business harder than it needs to be

Episode 84: Stop Making Business Harder Than it Needs to Be

You know the situation.  You’re plugging along thinking “I got this.” But then you think, maybe you don’t. Maybe you need a funnel. A new…

living other people's dreams

Episode 83: Stop Living Other People’s Dreams

We’ve all been there. You thought you were doing amazing, but then – you logged into Facebook and quickly you’re playing the comparison game and…

say NOvember

Episode 82: Introducing Say NOvember

When you start a business, you’ve got a lot of motivations, but a big one is your freedom.  After all, wouldn’t you just stay in a…