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Making the Math “Math” for Your Service Business

Making the Math “Math” for Your Service Business

One of the worst pieces of advice I ever received about my business was related to my financials. And frankly, it’s the type of advice that’s in heavy rotation in the online business world, and it screws up people’s businesses in a big way. The impact of that advice leaves far too many service business…

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Exits and Evolutions: Change is the Only Constant

Exits and Evolutions: Change is the Only Constant

Running a business is like riding a rollercoaster—constantly navigating twists, turns, and unexpected loops. Sometimes, it’s thrilling, and other times, you feel sick because we’re constantly adapting and dealing with whatever comes our way. In this episode, we’re wrapping up our exits and evolutions series, looking at the theme that change is the only constant…

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The Art of Reinvention with AdeOla Fadumiye

The Art of Reinvention with AdeOla Fadumiye

What happens when you reach a point in your business where you’re ready for something completely new? And what if that change is a big one that requires you to stop doing something successful? That’s the situation that today’s guest, AdeOla Fadumiye, found herself facing in early 2023. In this episode, she’ll share how she…

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building a business by blending products and services with zoe linda

Building a Business by Blending Products and Services with Zoe Linda

As a service business owner, you’ve probably wondered if you should add products to reach new people and grow your revenue. But we all know it’s easier said than done, so what should you consider before you dive in? In this episode, Zoe Linda shares how she blended products and services and adapted her offerings…

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