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Should You Offer VIP Day Services?

Should You Offer VIP Day Services?

Everyone is talking about VIP days, but are they right for you and your business? In this episode, we’re looking at everything you need to…

When you focus on selling strategy, it shifts how you do business. Here are some ideas on how to sell more strategy in 2023.

How to Sell More Strategy in 2023

Maybe you’re selling strategy, and you want to sell more of it in 2023. Maybe you’ve been thinking about selling strategy, and now it’s time…

Selling Your Services: Myth Busting 2023 Edition

Selling Your Services: Myth Busting 2023 Edition

Confused about the latest trends or advice on selling your services? You’re not alone in that, as there’s so much advice out there, that is…

Text that reads "the state of ethical marketing and online business"

The State of Ethical Marketing and Online Business for 2023

The State Of Ethical Marketing and Online Business for 2023 By Maggie Patterson All opinions in this post are my opinions and mine alone. You…

Image of Nicole and Shulamit for Trauma informed coaching

The Rise of Trauma Informed Coaching

You’ve probably heard of the term trauma informed, but do you really know what it means? And should you trust coaches who are trauma-informed? In…

TeText that reads "Planning for 2023"

Real Talk on Planning for 2023

Planning season is upon us. Love it or hate it, it’s a whole thing for us as business owners. In this episode, we’re going to…

Image of a woman with text that reads "micro agency questions"

5 Questions Every Micro Agency Owner Needs to Ask

No one starts a business, let alone a micro agency, thinking about the highs and lows, but they’re inevitable. Which is where this episode comes…

Image of two woman chatting with text that reads "strategy for your agency"

Selling Strategy for Your Agency

Are you selling strategy right now in your agency? Do you feel like a thought leader or like you’re totally unappreciated by your clients? In…

Text that reads "What No One Tells You About Running a Micro Agency"

What No One Tells You About Running a Micro Agency

When you’re running a micro agency, you’re likely going to learn a lot of things along the way. Sometimes it’s surprising and other times you…