Tressa Beheim

Episode 189: The Real Life Behind-the-Scenes of an Agency with Tressa Beheim

I don’t know about you, but I get some of my absolute best ideas by seeing how other people do things. It helps me connect the dots, affirm my experiences, and open up my mind to different approaches. This is why I’m thrilled to bring you another behind-the-scenes look at an agency. In this episode, we’re taking a peek into Tressa Beheim’s boutique agency, where she and her team provide a full range of services to female entrepreneurs.

I met Tressa back in the summer of 2016 when we jumped on a call to answer questions she had about the Double It Mastermind. She was literally weeks into starting her business, and honestly, she wasn’t fully convinced it was going to work.

Fast forward three years and Tressa has gone from a tentative entrepreneur to the boss of a full-service boutique agency. It’s been a joy to watch her grow and to help her along the way. But that’s not why I invited her to be a return guest on the show.

As a client and friend, I’ve seen her wins and challenges first hand, along with being there for her ‘never say never’ moment, which we discuss on the show. She’s practical and what she has to share is applicable to anyone who wants to build or grow an agency.

Here’s What We Discussed:

  1. Tressa told us about her business and how she makes money.
  2. How she went from starting a business to running an agency.
  3. How her team is structured and how that has evolved over time.
  4. How Tressa spends her time as the leader and CEO of the business.
  5. Her biggest challenges as she has grown an agency.
  6. Her biggest lesson about running an agency so far.
  7. What she would tell anyone who wants to start moving towards an agency model.
  8. What’s next for Tressa and her team.

Tressa’s Bio 

Tressa Beheim is the founder of a support agency that works with online businesses founded by women. She and her team act as strategic partners to handle day-to-day operations and help their clients reclaim their freedom. With over 10 years of experience in the online business world, Tressa has a unique understanding of what’s really happening behind-the-scenes and offers fresh insights into how business owners can make their businesses work for them.

Three Lessons from Tressa:

  1. Start Small. When Tressa was hiring a team, she didn’t just jump right in. She started small by bringing people into her business in a limited way and then growing their role over time. This allowed her to ensure they were a good fit and get them trained while also helping her mitigate the financial risk of growing a team.
  2. Streamline Client Communications. Tressa and I talked a lot about how she’s streamlined communications for her clients. They don’t see all the inner workings of how things are being done and who’s doing them. Her clients pay them to make things simpler, so she honors that, and they only have contact typically with her or Berit.
  3. Constantly Optimize Your Team and Your Time. Tressa shared how she’s constantly looking at who’s doing what on the team and for ways to optimize the team. She examines if a task is something a specialist needs to do or if someone on the admin side can learn it. Plus, she’s always looking for ways for her to step out of things she doesn’t need to be involved in or for how to best manage her time for clients. She doesn’t just decide things are status quo and stick with it — she keeps striving to improve.

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