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Creating Time Freedom and Breaking Free from the Hustle with Becca Rich

When it comes to entrepreneurship one of the most common images we see have to do with hustling harder and harder to make things happen. And sure, hustle will work, until it really doesn’t. In this episode, guest Becca Rich joins us to talk about how we can create time freedom, and how we can break-free from hustle in the process.

I’ve talked before in this show about how I’ve always prided myself on being a hard worker. There’s never been any questioning my work ethic. But over the years, that work ethic, that drive to keep working has gotten me into hot water.

My husband always jokes I have two modes, off and on, and I’m not great at doing things halfway. Which has meant, I’ve had to learn how to stop measuring my worth by how much I do, or how hard I hustle.

I’m sure this story is very familiar to many of you, and it’s why you’re going to love today’s guest Becca Rich. She’s a holistic time management strategist and coach, and in our discussion we talk about the idea of time freedom and so much more.

Here’s a list of the questions we covered:

  1. So let’s talk about this idea of time liberation. What is it and why does it matter? 
  2. Why do you think our relationship with time is so messed up, and what’s one simple thing we can do to start to improve it? 
  3. I see a lot of business owners really struggling with time management. What do you wish people knew about productivity and time management as it related to their businesses? 
  4. I know one of the things you do with clients right out of the gate is help them fix their calendar. If we’re overwhelmed by our calendar, where do you recommend we start? 
  5. Where can we learn more about you and the work you do?

About Becca Rich

Becca Rich is the Founder and Coach at The Holistic Time Coach. As a holistic time management strategist and coach, she helps successful entrepreneurs step off the never-ending hamster wheel of productivity and holistically manage their time so they can finally create the time freedom they started their business for in the first place.

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