Five Service Business Advantages You Should Know

Five Service Business Advantages You Should Know

As a service business owner for 18 years, I’m a superfan of the business model. Numerous service business advantages enable individuals to build relatively simple yet sustainable businesses. 

Despite the many toxic myths about running a service business and bad advice floating around out there, it’s a highly desirable business model. The truth is that most small businesses are service businesses and with good reason.

Service businesses have a low barrier to entry, making them easy to start if you have the right skills, a laptop, and an essential website.

That’s just the start. Check out these service business advantages that everyone should remember, whether you’re looking to start a business or are looking for ways to step things up in your existing service business.

#1. It’s a Flexible Business Model

One of the most significant service business advantages is the ability to tailor services to meet individual client needs. 

Service businesses offer endless potential for providing a wide range of services to current or new customers, including:

Scaling your service business can often happen much faster than a product-based business. Adding a new service or package that fits your current offerings doesn’t require the same effort you need to expend if you run a product-based business.

On the flip side, you don’t need to scale your services if that doesn’t interest you — because being a service business owner means you decide when (or if) you scale your operations. 

#2. Potential for Higher Profit Margins

As a business owner, pricing your services can sometimes feel challenging. You don’t want to price yourself out of the market, but you must also make enough money to live comfortably.

Operating a service-based business is remarkably straightforward. It revolves around the essential steps of locating potential customers, booking them, and delivering top-notch service. There’s no requirement for an extensive marketing budget or the need to cultivate a massive following on social media platforms.

A service business offers the fastest path to generating revenue and can be efficiently managed to reduce overhead costs and boost profitability.

That’s why one of many service business advantages I often speak about is that you have the potential for higher profit margins. You have the power to charge prices for your specialized services, the opportunity for recurring revenue through long-term contracts, and the potential for upselling additional services to existing customers. 

For example, if you’re doing content marketing focusing on blogging, you could offer topic generation or content planning as a premium service. This can be done quarterly or annually and is a separate charge from your monthly blogging package. Or perhaps you’ve noticed that your client doesn’t seem to have a solid plan — why not offer a strategy session

Keep in mind that expenses can add up quickly, but one of the biggest service business advantages you have is that YOU control these costs. For my business, I make it a point to review expenses regularly, looking for any opportunity to cut costs on things that aren’t necessary. 

Ask yourself: As much as you may think you need the latest CRM, another piece of tech, or a shiny course that makes big promises… do you need it?

#3. Relationship Building and Personalized Customer Experience

When talking to people about different service business advantages, the one that stands out the most is the power to build trust and lasting relationships with clients. 

You’ll get to know your clients well in many situations, making things much more manageable. You can provide strategic counsel and personalize the experience much better, which will help ensure a delightful client experience.. 

In a world where artificial intelligence is being leveraged in many ways — like completing repetitive tasks — offering a high level of individualization and personalization with your services can be a big differentiator. No AI tool can do that. 

Owning a service business is all about serving, so finding ways to create better customer experiences can make all the difference. 

Word-of-mouth referrals are often a big part of lead generation for service business owners. You want your current clients to advocate for your business and feel compelled to tell others about your work.

#4. Adaptability to Market Trends and Customer Demand

If there’s one thing we’ve all been reminded of in the past few years, things can change quickly. One minute, the market is hot-hot-hot, and the next, you’re in a global pandemic, and everything has taken a turn that no one expected. 

That’s why the ability to pivot and offer new services based on market needs is a service business advantage that can’t be understated. 

Pandemic aside, your current and potential clients want service providers who are reliable and responsive. Customer preferences and expectations evolve, and having the ability to pivot to meet those needs quickly can help you stay ahead of the competition.

Speaking of competition, I always suggest watching what other people in your industry are up to. Focusing on continuous improvement is how you can stand out, and iterating your services over time shows your clients you’re paying attention to what the market is asking for. 

When I started my agency, we were a full-service digital marketing agency. Over time, though, we noticed that most clients mainly focused on their content. So, we made the shift to working solely on content marketing. From there, we niched down even further to only content production.

This didn’t happen overnight but over several years. But by watching the market and listening to our clients’ needs, we evolved our services while narrowing our scope.

#5. Increased Satisfaction

When you were toying with the idea of running your own business, one of the service business advantages that likely appealed to you was working in your area of expertise. Even if you were doing that for someone else, it isn’t quite the same as doing it for yourself and being in control of what’s happening.

As service business owners, we all have things we’re excellent at. Doing those things day in and day out can have a meaningful impact on our overall satisfaction. 

The sense of fulfillment from helping clients solve problems and meet their goals is one of the best parts of being a service provider. I know my work with my clients makes a difference in their business, and it’s exciting to have the opportunity to play a role in that success.

There’s also the satisfaction of building meaningful relationships with my clients. I get to know them, they get to know me, and we have a baseline of trust and respect. 

And if we don’t? If it’s not working out and we aren’t a fit? We can part ways and move on, completely removing the stress and aggravation of the situation. (All without convincing a boss that we need to fire this client.) 
Of course, we can’t discuss having a sense of satisfaction without touching on how having a service business enables you to work when and how you want.

Whether it’s being able to pick your kids up from school every day or participating in a weekly event during “traditional” work hours,  you’re in charge of the schedule.

Building a Sustainable Future: Leveraging Service Business Advantages

By fully understanding the advantages of this model, you’ll be better equipped to leverage them while avoiding common mistakes.

With the power to change, evolve over time, and build lasting customer relationships, the service business model offers a way to create a simple and sustainable business that works for you.

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