Finding your biz besties

Episode 172: Nevica Vasquez on Finding Your Biz Besties

When you work in an office, it’s easy to form friendships and relationships to help you weather the ups and downs. But when you work from home, it’s a totally different ballgame, and it’s easy to feel disconnected. In this episode, guest Nevica Vasquez shares how to find your business besties and why they’re so critical to your business success.

When you’re a boss who works from home, it’s all-too-easy to feel alone, isolated, lonely, and disconnected. I actually don’t think we talk about this enough. I know for me, I’ve always had a lot of support from family and friends, but they simply don’t get it. As a result, I find it hard to talk about what’s really happening in my business, which means I can spend a lot of time up in my head.  That’s why my business friends have been a lifeline.

I invited Nevica as a guest on today’s show to talk about finding your biz besties and how these relationships go far beyond support. Your friendships can be an amazing source of potential clients, collaborations and much more to help fuel growth as a service business owner.

Here’s What We Discussed:

  1. Nevica talked about her business and how she makes money.
  2. Why her business focuses on collaborations and how she’s used them in her business.
  3. Top ways service-based business owners can be using collaborations to build their business and be seen.
  4. Examples of collaborations that have had an impact on her or her clients.
  5. Where we should start if we want to use collaborations to be visible and build relationships.
  6. What makes for a great collaboration vs. a not so good one.


Nevica’s Bio

Nevica Vazquez is a Business Strategist and the Founder of the Collaboration Catalyst — a membership community where she helps women B2B owners get in front of their ideal clients through strategic collaborations.

Three Lessons on Finding Your Biz Besties:

  1. Figure out where your clients really come from. Nevica discovered that her clients didn’t come from social, and she was able to take a break from it entirely.
  2. Forming friendships and collaborations don’t just magically happen. You need to be proactive and make them happen. Don’t just wait for an invite.
  3. Understand the value you offer to others. You’re an expert, and you want to showcase your skills and know-how to build the know/like/trust factor.

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