Episode 204: All Things Enneagram with Chrissie Wywrot

If there’s one thing entrepreneurs love, it’s personality tests. And it’s no surprise as we’re relentless in our personal development work, and these tests help us make sense of ourselves. In this episode, we’re diving into Enneagram with guest Chrissie Wywrot.

When I first learned about Enneagram from Chrissie in a hotel suite in Florida, it wasn’t something people were really talking about in my circles. And truthfully, I wasn’t convinced that I could be defined by a number. Which if you know anything about Enneagram, I’m an 8, and that’s the MOST 8 thing ever to think.

What I like best about Enneagram is that it’s different than Myers Briggs or Fascinate, which I’ve both used extensively in my life and my business. Myers Briggs is really about your nature, while Enneagram is really rooted in what your core fear is. For me asana 8, as I discuss with Chrissie, it’s about being controlled, so my rebel tendencies and willingness to fight for what I want or believe makes total sense with this context.

Chrissie has studied at the Enneagram Institute and her enthusiasm for all things Enneagram is absolutely contagious. 

Here’s what we discussed:

  • What Enneagram is and what it can do for us. 
  • How to apply this knowledge including a discussion of how while Chrissie and are both 8s, we’re very different. 
  • An explanation of what a “wing” is in Enneagram and how to use them. 
  • Chrissie’s take on what we may not realize about Enneagram. 

Lessons From This Episode

  • Enneagram provides a way to understand yourself as well as your clients and your team. But it’s more complex than what the memes tell us. It’s about understanding your core fear and how that impacts your thinking and actions. 
  • Your “wing” in Enneagram is the adjacent number you lean towards and brings in elements of that number into the mix. Learning my wing was one of the most helpful things ever, and 
  • If you’re not sure which number you are, read through the descriptions and understand the different layers involved. Chrissie says that if something makes you very uncomfortable that’s a good sign it’s right. 
  • Remember, how you show up will also be impacted by what dimension you operate in (social, sexual or self-preservation) as well as how introverted or extroverted you are. It’s not one-size-fits-all where all ones or nines are going to act all the same.

Chrissie’s Bio

Chrissie Wywrot is the president and CEO of e-Link Consulting. With more than 14 years of experience in marketing and public relations, she works with e-Link Consulting’s clients to generate maximum visibility on LinkedIn through profile optimization, marketing blueprint, and ongoing support.

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