Tressa Beheim

Tressa Beheim Doubles Her Revenue and Then Doubles It Again

Tressa Beheim is an online business manager and founder of Tressa Beheim Operations. Tressa’s business provides strategic support for female entrepreneurs who are delivering a combination of services, courses, digital products, writing books, and speaking. She and her team help their clients with all of the behind-the-scenes work so that they can shine, doing what they do best.

When Tressa and I met a few years ago, she was just at the beginning of her entrepreneurial journey. Having left her job and starting a new business, Tressa found herself in the unique, yet challenging, position of having grown extremely quickly. 

With her business getting booked out almost immediately, it didn’t take long for Tressa to see there were some gaps she would need to address. 

As Tressa explains, “My business grew very fast, but by being booked out so quickly, I realized that I didn’t really have the foundation that I needed to make my business sustainable. I needed help kind of managing the business and was struggling to find someone who could give advice that was based on real experience. I wasn’t looking for someone to tell me I just needed to create a course or a group program.”

It was during this initial startup time frame that Tressa discovered I was launching the Double It Mastermind (now the Agency Mastermind for 2020), and having already been familiar with my work and approach to business, she thought the group might be a good fit for her — but she had a few reservations.

“I didn’t want it to be just another thing that wasted my time. I really wanted something that was going to help me grow my business, not just a vanity group that made me feel like I was important.”

Building a Strong Foundation for Revenue Growth

Tressa decided to take a leap of faith, and after doing so, she quickly learned that vanity had nothing to do with the work we do in the mastermind. 

“Being in the mastermind helps me make sure that I’m actually putting aside the time and focusing on working on my own business instead of just constantly working on deliverables for clients. Maggie is very good at helping you see what’s working, what’s not, and what you need to do next. She’s really helped me figure out my next steps, and I’ve gotten where I want to go much faster because of that.”

Tressa is now finishing up her third year as part of the mastermind, and her business is in a whole different place than when she started, with her seeing huge revenue growth.

“In the first year, I doubled my revenue. The following year, I doubled it again. And now this year, I’m going to see even more growth.”

While seeing revenue growth in your business is always a wonderful thing, having a successful business is about more than just the money. For Tressa, it’s been about creating something sustainable that also allows her to have a better balance in her personal life while serving her clients at the highest level. 

“Steadily over the last three years, I’ve been able to work fewer hours. This has been possible because of learning how to build a team, how to delegate and be more effective, and understanding how to identify when we’re at capacity and need to consider bringing on another person. All these things that Maggie has helped me get better at are directly correlated to working shorter weeks.”

When I asked Tressa what it is about the mastermind that keeps her coming back to the group year after year, she had this to say: 

Being in the mastermind isn’t even a decision — it’s essential to my business. Knowing that I’m going to have the support I need, both in Maggie and in the other women in the mastermind, is critical to my success. Being part of this mastermind will always be part of my business plan.” 


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