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Keeping Your Business Simple and Sustainable

Keeping Your Business Simple and Sustainable (A Check-In)

Simplicity and sustainability are the cornerstones of having a business without the BS and that works for you. But making plans and decisions that can overcomplicate everything is far too easy. In this episode, I’m sharing six specific things to check in on before you start making big plans. At this time of year, many…

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Leadership Fundamentals for a Successful Agency

Leadership Fundamentals for a Successful Agency

Building a successful agency requires a lot of different skills. Especially leadership skills. But which ones do you need to focus on? Which ones make the most difference? In this episode, I’m sharing the top six leadership skills every micro agency owner needs. Today, we’re delving into a topic that lies at the core of…

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The Growth Path for Micro Agency Owners

The Growth Path for Micro Agency Owners

Every business owner knows that growth is never linear. Sometimes, it’s so far from a straight line that you wonder if you’re doing something wrong. In this episode, we’re looking at the messy and momentous growth path for micro agency owners. Starting and growing a micro agency is one of the most rewarding and challenging…

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Myths of the Microagency

Myths of the Micro Agency

Like every business model out there, the micro agency is subject to a wide variety of myths that are total and complete BS. In this episode, I’m going to look at what a micro agency is and dispel four common myths In the last episode, I talked about the idea that building an agency is…

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