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The Real Cost Of Growing a Service Business

The Real Cost Of Growing a Service Business

Get ready to dive into the nitty-gritty of growing a service business as we kick off a brand-new series on the BS-Free Service Business show. In this episode, I’ll share the unfiltered truth about the real costs of growing a service business. In a world filled with facades and financial uncertainty, it’s time for some…

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End of Year Recap for 2023

End of Year Recap for 2023

2023 is nearly over, so it’s time for my annual look back at the year. In this episode, I will share my high and lowlights, what I really think about this weird year, and what’s on deck for 2024.  If you’ve listened to this show for a while, you know I used to do monthly…

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your guide to marketing a service based business

Your Guide to Marketing a Service Based Business

I encounter two types of service business owners when I talk about marketing. First, there’s the marketers. They’re always happy to be testing things out in their own business. Then, there are the rest of the service business owners who would rather do anything but marketing. In this episode, I’m sharing my guide to marketing…

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The Different Types of Support for Entrepreneurs

The Different Types of Support for Entrepreneurs

Do you need a coach? To buy a program? Or just a regular massage? Support comes in many different forms for our business, but do you figure out what kind of support you need? In this episode, I’m digging into the different types of support for entrepreneurs and how to figure out what’s right for…

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