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Rethinking Money Mindset with Bear Hebert

Mindset is one of those hot button topics in online business circles. Everything gets chalked up to mindset, when really, maybe mindset isn’t the issue –– especially when it comes to our money mindset. In this episode, guest Bear Hebert helps us think differently about money mindset. 

Over the years, I’ve done my fair share of money mindset work. While that work was necessary and very much needed, in the last couple years I’ve been struggling with the fact that mindset has become the thing that gets blamed for pretty much everything by the celebrity entrepreneurs. That, combined with the fact that so many of the money mindset teachings out there don’t tackle the immense privileges I hold, means that, well, I’ve had questions.

And I’m sure you’re right with me. 

It’s time for us to rethink money mindset and approach it in a way that allows us to deal with money in a way that allows us to be financially secure, while acknowledging our privilege. This is where today’s guest Bear Hebert comes in.

I met Bear through a mutual friend/client and I’ve watched them tackle so many of these issues in a way that I’ve not seen others doing. They look at the intersections of power and privilege in a way that’s, quite frankly, refreshing. 

And because we love to question the status quo, I knew Bear was the perfect person to help us get practical about rethinking our money mindset.

Here’s what we discussed in this interview: 

  • Bear’s background and how they started doing work related to money mindset. 
  • Problems with money mindset that are so prevalent in the online business world. 
  • Dealing with how tricky money mindset can be as we deal with the realities of what’s in our heads, and the constant marketing and messages around what it means to be successful. 
  • Generational wealth and systemic challenges that have been a barrier for many identities. 
  • How to weave justice and liberation into our businesses, while still being financially secure, as so many of us aren’t sure how to balance it.

Takeaways from Bear:

  • Consider your money mindset and how your identities, and the context for that, work. As Bear shared, so much money mindset work is done without context, and that does everyone a disservice. As service providers, we need to recognize how our experience may be different than that of our clients. 
  • When it comes to setting goals, figure out what you need. Start with your own situation verus getting sucked into external measures of success. Orient your business and financial goals, and set things up based on your reality. Part of this is figuring out what enough looks like for you.
  • When it comes to pricing in our businesses, we need to not universalize our own experiences, as it’s easy to decide based on what we’d pay, but that may not be our client’s reality.

About Bear Hebert

Bear Hebert is a radical life coach, social justice educator, and anti-capitalist business consultant. In work and in life, Bear actively looks at the intersections of power and privilege and will ask you to do the same, pushing both you and your business in the direction of more liberated moments. Their current offerings include Anti-Capitalist Business Consulting and their online course, Freely: An Anti-Capitalist Guide To Pricing Your Work.

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