Adding value with collaboration

Episode 174: Meg Casebolt on Adding Value with Collaborations

When you want to find clients, it’s easy to focus on tried and true tactics, like referrals, but what happens when those tactics run out of steam or you need to do something new? In this episode, guest Meg Casebolt is going to take us behind-the-scenes of her business and show us how she’s used collaborations to build her client roster.

In the very early stages of my business, one of the best things I did was working with other service providers via collaborations. It helped me accelerate my growth without having to find the clients myself. Plus, it helped me build my skills and network in the process. That’s exactly why I invited Meg as a guest on the show to talk about how she’s used collaborations to find new clients and expand her reach over the past couple years while she’s pivoted from being a web designer to offering SEO services.

Here’s What We Discussed:

  1. We talked about her business and how she makes money.
  2. How using collaborations as a way to build her business has looked like for her.
  3. What a typical collaboration is like and how is it a win/win for everyone involved.
  4. What makes a good collaboration in Meg’s mind.
  5. How her clients are positioning her and the value she delivers to her clients.
  6. How much we really should be worried about SEO in finding clients.


Meg’s Bio:

Meg Casebolt is an SEO specialist, digital strategist, and founder of Megabolt Digital. She helps female entrepreneurs succeed online by helping them get found on Google then turning readers into customers, all by using custom strategies that fit them better than Catwoman’s suit (without the wedgie).

Four Lessons on Adding Value with Collaboration:

  1. Collaborations should start with the relationships you already have. Look at your network and figure out where there may be potential to serve their clients and vice versa.
  2. Work with your collaborator’s process and timeline to make it a win/win.
  3. Make it easy for them to sell your services as part of their offering. Provide packages or swipe copy they can use in proposals or other assets.
  4. Set clear expectations within collaborations so everyone knows how things will work and so that the relationship can thrive.

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