Make money with your side hustle

Make Money With Your Side Hustle

You’ve been thinking about ways you can start to make money with your side hustle but aren’t 100% sure how to get yourself up and running. The one thing you DO know is that if you’re going to be using your precious time on a side hustle, you better be making some bank.

I’ll be honest, side hustlers are some of my most favourite people in the small business boss world because they get shit done.

Over the years, I’ve had a number of side hustles of my own (with varying results), so I’ve learned a thing or two about making extra cash with a gig on the side.

There really is no shortage of possible side hustles. Everything from driving an uber to decorating cakes to cleaning houses to offering professional services. Deciding on your side hustle should be the easy part; it’s the “how”, as in HOW to make money, that matters.

If you’re going to take time from your nights and weekends, on top of all the other stuff you’re already committed to, it needs to actually be worth your while. (A side hustle that doesn’t make money is actually a hobby.)

Fact is, some side hustles are more lucrative than others. There’s one side hustle in particular that I’ve seen time and time again, where people can make the most cash and do it in with very little in startup costs.

What is this amazing side hustle? A services side hustle, of course!

Why a Services Side Hustle?

Services side hustles are insanely profitable, and there are several reasons for that.

As a society, we are starved for time and people ALWAYS want more free time back in their lives. With a services side hustle, you’re able to give people this precious commodity. Plus, no matter what’s going on in the economy, there are always people willing to pay good money for someone else to take care of certain things.

It’s always a good investment to buy back time in your life — especially if you can leave it to someone who makes your life or business much simpler.

The second draw for the services side hustles is that they require very little investment.

If you’re doing work that’s knowledge-based or some type of consulting, all you usually need is a laptop and a connection. Most services side hustles don’t require a huge upfront investment.

Low startup costs mean you can be profitable that much faster.

Finally, the last reason a side hustle with services is so compelling is how quickly you can start to make money. For example, you can get started with only a few clients and see money coming in within a few days or weeks.

You can do this with anything from housecleaning to working with a business on their social media. Whatever you’re doing, it can be done in a way that your path to profitability is sped up because you’re not having to buy or invest in extra things to get your side hustle up and running.

Want to Make Money With Your Side Hustle? Then Stay Away From This Gig.

Now, you may be thinking that maybe an online course could be a better option over a services side hustle. Sure, an online course can be extremely profitable, but the chances of making tons of cash this way as a side hustle are pretty low. (I’ve worked in online marketing for the past five years, and the overnight success stories are few and far between.)

Why not an online course? As someone who’s worked behind-the-scenes to launch countless courses and programs, there’s much more involved from a technology and marketing point of view than most people realize. Most people seriously underestimate the time required to acquire the skills to create, market and launch a course, as well as the costs involved to hire help, if you need it.

Unless you have a really specific niche or a high level of expertise so you don’t have to pay someone to do a lot of the work (such as design, setting up funnels, course design, etc.), a course is actually going to take more money than your side hustle will ever likely produce. If you want to create a course, start with services, build an audience, then go from there.

Services Are Part of Every Business

Even if you’re selling a product, services are likely going to be a part of it in some way, shape or form. Many products need services attached to them to generate demand and interest in the product.

For example, when I was selling craft supplies as a side hustle, what made me so successful was teaching people how to use their supplies. I was able to bring people to workshops and classes and offer online training as a way to show them how to use their supplies and get them excited about creating cards or scrapbook pages.

I’ve seen this time and time again with product-based side hustles, so even if you’re selling a product, don’t overlook services as a way to boost your income or generate more sales. People will pay to learn how to do something and they want access to you and your expertise.

Take Action

Ready to up your game and start making money with your side hustle?

If you already have a side hustle going, I’d encourage you to look and see where you can add services in the mix to help you bring in more cash.

If you’re just getting started with side hustling, consider a services side hustle, as it is the fastest way to get money in your pocket. Focus on what will bring money in the door NOW, and then you can build from there.

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