The Art of Reinvention with AdeOla Fadumiye

The Art of Reinvention with AdeOla Fadumiye

What happens when you reach a point in your business where you’re ready for something completely new? And what if that change is a big one that requires you to stop doing something successful?

That’s the situation that today’s guest, AdeOla Fadumiye, found herself facing in early 2023. In this episode, she’ll share how she realized she had to significantly change her business and what happened there.

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Today, we’re wrapping up our exits and evolutions series interviews and conversations with fractional integrator and operations strategist AdeOla Fadumiye. Last year, I worked with her while she grappled with deciding what to do with her business.

She decided to do something that so few people do. She boldly shut down a business that worked for her as she wanted different challenges and opportunities. I wanted to have this conversation as it’s one thing to exit something that’s not quite working, but what about when it really is?

Here’s what we covered in our conversation:

  • Why AdeOla shut down her podcast production agency and what led to that gut-driven decision.
  • What’s she been doing since sunsetting her agency and how has she figured out what’s next? 
  • How consulting gigs have helped her clarify what she wants to focus on moving ahead. 
  • Why she’s looking for a 9-to-5 role as she builds up her new venture. 
  • AdeOla’s advice for anyone wanting to make a big move in their business.

About AdeOla

A fractional integrator, operations strategist, and 3x founder, AdeOla Fadumiye specializes in operations, project management, business strategy, team leadership, and process improvement. AdeOla has led operations, programs, and projects for non-profits, government agencies, and small businesses for over a decade.

In addition to being solution-oriented, forward-thinking, and strategic, she believes in simplifying and streamlining business processes and systems to support team and client experiences, as well as serve overall business objectives and goals. A strategic thought partner, she has the skill set to implement a vision, idea, or project.

Her previous experience includes founding a full-service strategic and creative production agency and leading a team of 15 in the development and management of podcast, video, and audiobook productions.

In addition, she moonlights as a writer and writes about faith and entrepreneurship.

AdeOla earned a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication (Public Relations and Communication Studies) from Winona State University and a Master of Public Health from George Washington University. She is a StartingBloc Fellow and an alumnus of the THREAD at Yale: Storytelling in Modern Media program. She lives in Chicago, IL.

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