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Episode 208: Behind-the-Scenes with Agency Owner Rita Barry

In a world full of other agencies doing the same thing as you, it’d be so easy to simply blend in, and end up struggling. But that’s not the case for today’s guest Rita Barry who’s built a nearly 7-figure agency in a market that appears saturated. In this episode, Rita takes us behind-the-scenes of her agency, including how she ensures they stand out by delivering a white glove service and much more.

I’ve said it a million times, but I love going behind the curtain of people’s businesses.  So when I had the opportunity to chat with today’s guest Rita Barry, who owns Rita Barry & Co, an agency that focuses on marketing measurement and Facebook Ads, I jumped on it. The Facebook Ads agency landscape is definitely hot, so I was curious about how Rita’s building a thriving business.

Lessons from Rita:

1. Mindset work is essential. As Rita discussed, mindset requires ongoing work, especially once you reach a certain level in your business where you know exactly what you need to be doing. What really gets in your way isn’t a lack of knowledge, but the junk in your brain. Being aware of that and having the willingness to do the work on it is essential. 

2. You choose what you want. Rita shared how she handles the account manager role on her team as that’s what she enjoys doing. Plus, it provides her clients with a white glove experience that helps set her agency apart. This is a valuable lesson for all of us, as it shows how we can choose what we focus on in the business, and the importance of understanding how CX can make or break our business.

3. Hire from the real world. Rita’s first key hire was someone she already knew who wasn’t from the online world. There’s a lot of talent out there and it’s easy to overlook people who don’t necessarily have the hard skills we need. For those key positions on your team, personality fit is more important than skills that can be taught.

Rita’s Bio

Rita Barry is a measurement marketing expert and the founder of Rita Barry & Co., a digital marketing optimization consultancy. For the past ten years, she and her team have been helping women-led online businesses get clarity about every aspect of their marketing funnel and paid traffic campaigns.

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