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Sustainable Visibility™ & Pitching Podcasts with Mai-Kee Tsang

Trigger Warning: Before we dive into this episode, I wanted to give you a heads up that this episode includes discussion of sexual abuse and other sensitive subject matter. Please listen with care, or skip it if it’s not safe for you to listen.

As business owners, we’re taught that for us to market ourselves we need to be visible. While it’s true, part of the challenge so many of us face is that we look at visibility as being this ultra extroverted, loud and shiny type of marketing. When, really, it doesn’t have to be that way.

In this episode, guest Mai-kee Tsang joins me to talk about her approach to visibility, and pitching yourself as a guest on podcasts.

Over the years I’ve had countless conversations with my clients about how they held back from being visible as they weren’t comfortable with what it meant to be seen.

As an introvert, I get it. I really do. It wasn’t until I started working in my PR agency job that I got comfortable with speaking and presenting out of necessity. In college, my persuasion class which was all public speaking was stressful and downright painful.

Part of the problem from my point of view is that we’ve been taught from a very young age that being visible means showing up in a certain way. We’re conditioned to think it’s about being loud and shiny, when that’s only one approach.

That’s why I invited today’s guest to join us. Mai-kee Tsang is a visibility strategist who focuses on sustainability. In this interview we dive into what it means to be sustainably visible and pitching yourself as a podcast guest.

Here’s the list of questions we covered:

  1. Your focus is on helping people not just become visible, but doing so in a way that you call sustainably visible. Can you explain what that is and why it’s a different way than the loud, shouty, and shiny type of visibility that’s so common?
  2. You work mainly with introverted, empathetic leaders. Can you speak to what challenges you find they face when it comes to getting visible? 
  3. I know a lot of my clients and listeners definitely struggle with getting visible, so the idea of pitching themselves as podcast guests seems completely overwhelming. Where’s a good place for them to start? 
  4. What do you wish people knew about guesting on podcasts? I know it’s how you initially got visible, so can you share part of why you chose podcasts and what you learned from that? 
  5. Where can we learn more about you and the work you do?

About Mai-kee Tsang

Mai-kee Tsang is a Podcast Guesting Strategist & THE Sustainable Visibility™ Mentor. She helps introverted women leaders in business to feel safe in the spotlight when they guest on aligned podcasts, so they can become Sustainably Visible™ to grow their business for the long haul.

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