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How to Get Clients: The “Double Your Revenue” Strategy

Are you looking for ideas on how to get clients? We bet the answer is yes! Because, hey, who doesn’t want more clients or a higher caliber of client?

As a freelancer, creative, or consultant, for you to make more money — and be able to double your revenue — you need clients. While there are various ways to grow your revenue with existing clients, bringing in new business is always a guaranteed way to increase your bottom line.

You may think you’ve tapped into all of your resources, but the truth is, most of us don’t make use of every avenue available when looking to fill our client rosters. We tend to do what works, but sometimes your old tried-and-true methods won’t quite cut it anymore, and it’s time for you to get out of your comfort zone.

To help you get started, not only are we sharing five tactics for finding clients to help you double your revenue, we’re also giving you the exact strategy that helped us double our own agency revenue in less than two months. (And, yes, that seriously did happen!)

#1. Work Your Network

The people you know personally and professionally are your network. You may not think of some of them as possible business resources, but they are!

The first step in getting clients is letting all “your people” know what it is you actually do. Stop hiding. You need to reach out, and let them know what kind of work you do and the types of clients you’re looking for. (If you’ve not done this in a while, it’s time for a refresh!)

Even if they aren’t the right fit for you, everyone knows people who could be your potential clients.

Ask the people in your network to keep you in mind if they hear of someone needing what you offer. Keep it casual. If you haven’t talked to them in a while, be sure to warm up the conversation first. Think of this along the same lines as the whole “don’t ask to get married on your first date” saying.

#2. Ask For Referrals

Next up is to ask your current and past clients for referrals. You may shy away or feel weird about this, but if you don’t ask, you don’t get. And if you’re someone who cringes at the idea of cold calling or cold outreach, it’s WAY easier to ask someone who knows you for a referral or introduction than to pick up the proverbial phone.

Just because a current or past client hasn’t referred people your way doesn’t mean they won’t or that they don’t want to. Chances are they’re busy just like you. They forgot or always “mean to” and so it just gets lost.

Another reason for making the ask is that by you not asking, they may just assume you’re too busy or booked up and don’t need or want more work. Keep asking for those referrals on a regular basis and watch them roll in.

#3. Proactive Outreach to Expand Your Network

Truth time: This is a tactic that, admittedly, we were super resistant to for a long time. Referrals have traditionally been our best source of new clients and yes, they’re great and wonderful and FANTASTIC. But the truth is, with referrals, you’re still at the mercy of others at the end of the day.

Proactive outreach is the #1 tactic that helped us double our own agency revenue in less than two months. Yes, it involves leaving your comfort zone, talking about yourself, and in many cases, putting on real pants (the horror!). But committing to proactively going after clients via LinkedIn, email, and networking in-person is a game changer.

There are lots of people out there that need your services. It’s your job to get in front of them. Focus on making connections that lead to conversations which will, in time, lead to clients (and a bigger network).

#4. Use OPPs: Other People’s Platforms

One of the biggest mistakes we see freelancers make when trying to get clients is trying to build their own platforms too early in the game. It’s MUCH harder to get someone to come to you versus you going where your ideal clients already are.

Think about it, do you want to write a blog post on your website and only 100 ideal clients see it? Or do you want to write that same blog post on a platform where 10,000 ideal clients will see it? Do you want 100 people to see your post or 10,000?

The bottom line is you need to go where your people are and use those platforms. Guest blogs, podcasts, guest teaching, and speaking are great ways to do this.

#5. Ask For Testimonials

This isn’t a direct “finding clients” task, but it has a really big impact for referrals and proactive outreach. Spending a little time gathering your testimonials can make a huge impact; not just in the caliber of clients you’ll attract, but it also makes closing the deal a lot easier.

These testimonials and raves from your clients are your equivalent of a “five star Amazon review.” If you personally read 100 reviews for a $20 tube of lipstick that you can return, don’t you think your would-be-clients would appreciate some proof of your work? (Especially when they’re going to be spending hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars with you?)

The most impactful thing you can do to double your revenue and get more clients is to start by making a list of people to reach out to in your personal and professional networks, identifying targets for proactive outreach, and figuring out where your clients are. Start there and take control of your business.

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