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Episode 91: Four Proactive Ways to Get More Clients

We’re willing to bet you’ve got some big goals in mind for the next few months or even the year, and those goals likely involve making more money. Making more money usually means you’re gonna need more clients.  In this episode, we’re talking about proactive ways to get more clients.

Here’s the scoop from Episode #91:

#Truthbomb alert! You may not like what you’re going to hear but we’re going there anyway.

Before we get into how to proactively get more clients, we want to back up the bus and share WHY we’re talking about this.

  • Lead gen can be quite passive. The internet can lull us into feeling we’re doing things when we actually aren’t. And just like you can’t sit back and expect the internet to generate all of your leads if you’re waiting on referrals, that isn’t a solid strategy either. We can’t wait for other people to generate our leads for us.
  • If you want to see true growth, you can’t be passive. If things in your business are flatlined, it’s time to switch tactics.
  • Getting new clients in the door is a numbers game, so getting a few leads here and there may not cut it depending on your business goals.
  • Of course, we know there’s a bit of magic, but you can’t rely on magic alone, so it’s time to take things back under your control! No more wishfully waiting for things to just happen with your biz.

ASK for Referrals

  • People won’t necessarily know you’re looking for referrals, so you need to reach out to them.
  • They may assume you’re full or don’t need clients so telling them you’re looking is necessary.
  • They may not be sure how to refer you so you want to ensure they know the easiest, quickest way possible. It should be simple for the person doing the referring.
  • Asking for referrals should be a consistent practice in your business. This can be done at the end of a project or when you’re off boarding an existing client.

Nurture Your Network

  • We all have a network, but we often neglect them.
  • Take the time to reconnect with the people in your network. It can be simple, but it should be genuine.
  • Whether it’s a quick date for some coffee or touching base at regular intervals on calls, the bottom line is that you need to invest time into the relationship.

Expand Your Networking

  • In the online realm, we get comfortable and complacent. While we love the internet and communities we’re in, nothing ever beats face to face. In a world where people need more and more touches to trust you online, face-to-face is a shortcut.
  • Face-to-face opportunities could be meetups, industry events, retreats, etc. The key is that you commit to them even if they’re not 100% a fit. Be open to trying.
  • Make sure you follow-through on the connections you do make. A quick follow up email can go a long way.

Media and Speaking

  • You need be seen and be able to position yourself as an expert and this can be done using other people’s platforms.
  • Before you start, you have to get clear on what your special sauce or story is and start small.
  • Dip your toe in locally to see what possibilities there are, or try smaller industry events.
  • Remember: people hire experts. Using the appropriate opportunities to promote your skills is a great way to build brand authority and find new clients.  

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