Jo Casey on Feminine Conditioning

Episode 177: Jo Casey on Feminine Conditioning

Have you ever wondered why you do the things you do? Or why exactly you’re throwing up obstacles in your own path with stories and reasons why you can’t do certain things? In this episode, Jo Casey is going to help us unpack this and so much more.

You’ve probably heard that there’s no greater self-development journey than running your own business. And I know that’s definitely been the case for me. Being a boss has stretched me and pushed me in ways that I never expected and constantly forces me to deal with what’s really going on in my head.

I’m sure it’s much the same for you, so I invited Jo Casey to help us examine why we do what we do and how we may be holding ourselves back. And while much of our discussion does speak to feminine conditioning, there are some amazing lessons in here — no matter what gender you are.

Here’s What We Discussed:

  1. We talked about her business and how she makes money.
  2. Jo explains how she works with service business owners on how to build a sustainable business and helps them to tackle their feminine conditioning while explaining what that means and why this may be holding us back as business owners.
  3. How this conditioning shows up for a lot of us and how to know when we’re falling into this trap.
  4. How we can use this conditioning as an asset in our business and not just be worried about being “good” women.
  5. She says business growth is self-growth, which I think for a lot of us is trying to have this business persona that’s not really us. How do we integrate the two of them so we’re


Jo’s Bio:

Jo Casey helps coaches and healers get more clients without sacrificing soul or sanity. She is a certified coach, speaker, trainer, and host of The Meaningful Business Podcast. In addition to being British, Jo is slightly nerdy and determined to help women overcome our feminine conditioning so we can step out, be seen, and thrive.

Jo specializes in helping service-based business owners do the self-development work needed to flourish in the online world, get more clients, and build meaningful businesses — all without resorting to the dark arts or sleazy marketing tactics.

Founder of and The Meaningful Business Academy, creator and presenter of The Meaningful Business Podcast, speaker, and writer for Coaching Blueprint, Mind Body Green, and Tiny Buddha (among others).

Three Lessons From This Episode:

  1. Watch for when you’re limiting yourself. For each of us, this shows up differently and understanding how this manifests for you is key. Knowing how to name it and move past it becomes an important tool in business and life.
  2. Learn how to use your conditioning as an asset in your business. You’ve likely developed superpowers, like empathy, reading nonverbal cues, or other things that you can use to your advantage. If you know how you’ve been trained to follow certain rules, you know how to break them too.
  3. When trying to figure out what to share and how you want to show up in your business, you get to choose. Jo shared the fact that it shouldn’t feel like a performance and like you’re wearing a mask, or it will feel disingenuous. Find the line that works for you and watch for what may be going too far for you.

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