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Agency Behind-the-Scenes: Tasha Booth

It’s been a while since we’ve had a guest here on the show, so today, I’m thrilled to bring you an agency behind-the-scenes episode with Tasha Booth, Founder and CEO of the Launch Guild.

In this interview, Tasha shares so many gems from what to look for when you hire to why your team should be empowered to hold you accountable and keep you out of the weeds so get your pen and paper ready to take notes.

Here’s the list of questions we covered:

1. Can you quickly introduce yourself and what you do? How do you make money?

2. Can you tell us a bit about your agency before we go behind-the-scenes? What does your team look like today, what services do you offer and who are your clients? 

3. Can you share the backstory of becoming an agency owner? 

4. Let’s talk about hiring. You have a relatively large team – how do you recruit and find your team members?

5. You’ve grown relatively quickly as an agency. How do you find your clients?

6. What’s one thing your team does that makes your agency stand out from other agencies offering similar services?

Takeaways from Tasha:

  • Hiring a team where everyone can work within their zone of genius and act as an expert in their section of the company can allow you to build a well rounded team that best serves your clients. 
  • Be proactive and hire BEFORE you’re desperate. When you’re strapped and need help right this minute you don’t have the time to properly hire, onboard, train, and provide feedback. Look ahead to what your needs will be three or six months out and start making a plan now.
  • Base hiring decisions on more than just experience and take your time. Find out how a prospective candidate processes information, how they communicate, and how they’ve handled it when things haven’t gone well in the past. A personality that meshes with the team is critical, and if the role is client-facing their ability to articulate things that are happening is essential,
  • Don’t hide your team. Use “we” language and set client expectations from day one that you won’t be the person doing all the work. 
  • Empower your team to call you out. As your business grows, you’ll need to let go of tasks you used to handle so you can embrace your role as the visionary. Your team should be encouraged to ask questions about what you’re doing, if you really need to be doing it and gently remind you they’ve got it covered.
  • Network, network, network. When you show up consistently, people remember you and your company and are more likely to refer you. As a CEO, make sure that the visibility piece is getting taken care of.  

About Tasha Booth

Tasha Booth is an agency owner, coach, and podcaster. She is the Founder & CEO of The Launch Guild – Course Launch Support & Digital Marketing Implementation Agency supporting established coaches and course creators with Course & Podcast Launches, Operations & Systems Management, and Content Management & Repurposing.

Her team is over 20 members strong and works together to support their clients in being able to focus back onto their zones of genius. Additionally, she mentors virtual support pros (VAs & OBMs) who are passionate and ready to grow their businesses while living life on their own term and is the host of the How She Did That Podcast — a podcast for Virtual Assistants, Online Business Managers, and Project Managers to learn business and tech tips.

Tasha is an Air Force wife to her husband Scott, stepmom to Grace & Meredith, and work from home dog mom to Stanly and Boomer. In her spare time, she watches true crime tv, sings karaoke, and tends to her organic vegetable garden.

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