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Escape from Overwork and Overwhelm in Your Service-Based Business


You need better boundaries because you’re ready to burn your business to the ground, but where do you start? The Brave Boundaries workshop gives you a practical guide to setting and keeping boundaries as a service business owner.

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This short, actionable workshop gives you practical steps to build better boundaries.



Put what you’ve learned into action to help you set (and keep) your brave boundaries.


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The workshop is also available via a Private Podcast feed for on‑the‑go listening.


Meet Your Host, Maggie Patterson

I’m the creator of BS-Free Business and a freelancer turned agency owner who’s mentored over 100 business owners.

I’m an expert in communications with 20+ years of writing and client management experience…who has rock-solid boundaries. This workshop is designed to give you everything you need to build boundaries, create clear rules of engagement with clients and deal with difficult situations, and more.

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Overwork & Overwhelm

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Brave Boundaries workshop

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