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If you're growing your service-based business with a team, this is the mastermind for you. 

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The Agency Mastermind is a space for you to navigate the ups and downs of growing a business based on the agency model. Where you can be with other bosses like you who are experiencing the same things.

This Mastermind is DIFFERENT

Before we go any further, you need to know this mastermind is different. This isn't a glitzed up version of a BS fluffy program designed to fund my lavish jetset lifestyle.

The Agency Mastermind is based on the belief that when we work together we all do better. And that we need a community of practice as agency owners where we talk about the real-life situations we find ourselves in with our team, clients and operations. This mastermind designed as place for all of us, as professionals with shared experience, to learn how to do what we do better through consistent support and interaction.

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Hey Boss, I'm Maggie

And I've spent my entire career in the agency world.

Not even kidding. The first years of my PR career were spent climbing the ranks at a fast-growing agency going from inexperienced account coordinator to account director managing big budgets, a team and even bigger name clients.

Once I started freelancing, I found myself doing subcontracting work for a number of agencies. Believe me, that was an education in all the ways you could run an agency with the good, the bad and the super freakin' ugly.

Today, I run Scoop Studios, a boutique content marketing agency that works with tech and professional services companies. 

Best of all, I didn’t set up an agency last year and then decide how to teach you how to do it too. I've been doing this my entire career, and after years of working with service business owners, I've realized that my years of experience can make a measurable impact on other agency owners. 


This is Perfect for You If...

You’re Running an Agency. Period.

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  Or any other B2B or B2E company where you rely on clients to get paid and have a team to deliver those services. 

Get 1:1 Support to Build Your Biz

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I know from my personal experience with growing my business that there’s simply nothing more powerful than one-on-one support — especially the kind where you’re not a number, but you’ve got support from someone deeply invested in your success.

That's at the heart of the Agency Mastermind.

But before you go any further...

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You Should Know:

I’m Not a Coach, I’m a Consultant.

Have you ever asked a question and had the response be “What do you think you should do?” Frustrating, right? If you knew what to do, you’d not be asking the question in the first place!

I’ve spent my career as a consultant in professional environments where I’m expected to have the answers and get results. I’m not a coach who only knows how to run a coaching business.

As a consultant, I'm a collaborator, a contributor, and a conspirator to help you make things happen.

Best of all, I'm an agency owner who's in the trenches with you experiencing what's working and what's not in real-time.

As a consultant, I give you the answers. I dish up my professional opinion based on your specific situation when you’re part of the Agency Mastermind. There's absolutely NO cookier cutter advice coming out of my mouth, ever.

When you’re in the Mastermind, I roll up my sleeves and get into the weeds of your business with you. Just a few things I’ve been known to do: bust out the calculator to break down budgets, re-work weekly schedules, help with team challenges and give you the guts to stay the course when things aren't all rainbows and unicorns.

testimonial-Katie Elzer-Peters

“I really wanted to have some support from a group of peers who have the same type of business that I do. Running an agency brings with it specific challenges that, really, only someone who has done that would understand.

I love Maggie's no-nonsense approach. I also like that she has LIVED so many things that she helps me with. I trust her advice because she's had to deal with the same things I do as an OWNER. The owner part is key because it's a different story if someone doesn't have financial skin in the game. .

Maggie, her team, and the other members of the Agency Mastermind played a huge role in supporting me through some big business and personnel changes earlier in the year. That’s what makes this mastermind ideal for micro agency owners who feel like they're alone — it gives you a peer group and great, actionable advice all in one. .

Since joining the mastermind, my revenue is up, and more importantly, my expenses are down. I feel so much more peaceful, knowing that Maggie and the whole mastermind crew have my back. I don't have to muddle through situations on my own. I'm so grateful for this group, and the price is more than fair for the type of support that we get. “

— Katie Elzer-Peters,

Owner, The Garden of Words

What Does Your Mastermind
Experience Include?

The Agency Mastermind starts January 2nd and runs through
December 31st. Over the 12 months we’re together, as a group we'll work together in an in-depth, meaningful way. 

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Group Collaboration and Coaching

Each month, we have a monthly group coaching call with mastermind style “hot seats” to focus on your specific issues that month and come up with a winning way forward. (This is always a mastermind favorite as you get unstuck and into action!)

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Mastermind-Only Slack Group

A big part of the mastermind is collaborating with other agency owners in a small, intimate setting. This mastermind-only Slack group is the perfect place to bring your challenges for feedback and get cheered on as you make strides in your business. I’m in this group daily to support you and help you with whatever you need to grow. 


“Before joining the mastermind, I was craving one-on-one, personal guidance and accountability from another agency owner who's been there. Being part of this mastermind has helped keep me focused on the right things in my business and eliminate what isn't working.

What I wasn’t expecting was how having a small but robust circle of other agency owners to lean on and turn to has been so fun and rewarding. You're not just getting Maggie's experience — you're getting a whole group of agency founders to learn from and grow alongside.

Since joining the Agency Mastermind I've successfully been able to go after the larger corporate and higher-value clients I need to support the team I'm building, and that fit the long-term vision of my agency. I'm still on track to outpace 2019 revenue by 37%, even with the hit the economy has taken. Through some of the toughest and most emotionally challenging moments in my business, I've been able to get support that instantly puts everything into focus and gives me tangible next steps. Maggie goes above and beyond to be there when it really matters. The Agency Mastermind is hands-down the best investment I've ever made in my business and I never want to be without it.”

— Megan Van Groll,

Founder, Evoke + Engage

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Plus, you’ll get the one-on-one support your business needs:

Kick Off 2023 Goal Setting Intensive

During this 45-minute session, we’ll dive deep into your goals, break them into bite-sized chunks, and help you create a plan for how exactly you’re going to get this all done. No matter what your goal-setting challenges are, I’ve got you covered, and at the end of this call, you’ll have a realistic plan that fits your business and your life.

Monthly Calls

After your goals set, then you’ll get monthly calls with me where we’ll work together on your business. You set the agenda, and we’ll make magic happen in a matter of minutes so you can make big things happen in your business. (10 monthly calls are included, and calls are 30 minutes each.)

Four 15 Minute 911 Calls

Hello, 911, this is a business emergency. Let’s face it, sometimes things get a little sticky, or you just need to talk it out. That’s where your 911 calls come in. You get help as you need it so things don’t get messy, and you can get back to business.

Maggie In Your Pocket 

I’m here to help you, which means I’m accessible to you via both Voxer and my project management system. You can share documents, ask questions, think out loud and get direct access to me. No need to go it alone or stay stuck when I’m just a Voxer or message away.

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Mastermind Workshops

For 2024 our workshops will be all new!

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 Knowing Your
Agency Numbers 

Love them or hate them, your numbers are essential when it comes to managing your team and clients every single day and making the right choices. But what numbers matter and how do you track the right ones? In this workshop, we’re diving into the numbers you need to know right now including:

  • What numbers really matter for a micro agency and which ones are wasting your time.
  • The top revenue leaks and missed opportunities with your clients and team.
  • A walk-through of new tools and calculators for tracking and managing your numbers.
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Trust, Transparency
& Your Team

As you build a team, you know that trust and transparency is key, but it can be extremely challenging to know what exactly to share and when.

In this workshop we’re going to dive into the process of building trust, how transparent to be, and so much more.

  • What you should really share, and you absolutely don’t want to share.
  • How to avoid oversharing and creating anxiety and panic for your team.
  • Building a process for regular communications about the need-to-know.
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Landing Next-Level Clients with Big Budgets 

As an agency owner, you know how challenging it can be to have 10 (or even 20 clients at a time), but you likely find this necessary to meet your revenue goals. But what if you could grow your revenue by working with fewer clients with bigger budgets and who will simply pay more? In this workshop, we’ll run through the art of landing next-level clients.

  • The must-haves for accessing a new level of the client include service offerings and appropriate pricing.
  • The critical role of founder thought leadership and agency cachet for being able to play with bigger agencies.
  • What to watch for so you make informed decisions and don’t let a big fish client drown your agency.
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(Revisiting) Foundations for Agency Owners 

Agency owners have no shortage of drive or ambition, but to be an effective found, you need to take care of yourself. This is often easier said than done, so we’re going to revisit the foundations you need to keep your shit together while taking care of your team and most of all, yourself. In this session we’ll explore:

  • The reality of balancing your big goals with enjoying (and taking full advantage) what you’ve already built.
  • Vital boundaries every founder needs to have in place with their clients, their teams, and most of all themselves.
  • How to prepare to take longer breaks from the business and adopt a life-first mindset.
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Each of these workshops is exclusive to the Agency Mastermind and specifically designed to support the most impactful areas of your business.

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Mastermind Bonus #1:

Two Live Retreats

London, UK

   Spring 2024

 In late April/early May we'll have a leadership focused retreat in this world-class city. Exact dates to be confirmed.

Toronto, Canada

Sept 16 to 17, 2024

In Toronto, we'll gather to plan for 2025 and beyond. We'll have hot seats, special trainings and much more. 

Your bonus includes the cost of the retreat; you just pay for your travel, food, and lodging.

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Mastermind Bonus #2:

Virtual Retreats

Facts: We all need time away to work on our business. In 2024, we’ll have two virtual retreats. 

Virtual retreats will be all the fun of an in-person event with the ease of being in your home office! 

Mastermind Bonus #3:

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The Agency Mastermind Library

As a mastermind member, you get an all-access pass to all the products we have in our shop along with our library of agency-specific resources. With over 10 products you'll have a shortcut for everything from marketing scripts to proposal templates and so much more.

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Get Ongoing Operations &
Leadership Support

As an agency owner, there are multiple layers to your business, which means you need support on multiple fronts.  This is why you can join quarterly operations and leadership office hours with my support team! You bring your questions and you'll get input on your specific operations and leadership challenges. 


 Operations Office Hours

image of sara

Sara Freeburn 

My right hand at Scoop and Small Business Boss, Sara will be co-hosting operation office hours. At Scoop,  she's the Client Services Director so she knows what your customers wish you knew and the ins and outs of the operations side of your business.

Before Scoop, Sara spent 15+ years in marketing, training, and operations roles in the corporate world with well-known financial services and telecommunications brands.


image of tressa

Tressa Beheim 

Tressa is a project manager, back-office coordinator, and people wrangler who knows product development and online marketing. She acts as the COO in her client's businesses, going beyond the typical Online Business Manager role. 

With nearly a decade of experience in operations and online business, Tressa will bring her know-how to your team and ops challenges. 


Leadership Office Hours

image of bekka

Bekka Prideaux

Bekka Prideaux is my leadership coach and has been instrumental in my growth as a leader in the past couple of years. With years of corporate experience building and leading teams, she brings a unique point-of-view to how we lead as agency owners.

In the Agency Mastermind, you'll have hands-on support from Bekka around your challenges with your team, building a culture, hiring, and much more. 



 For 2024, the price is $600 a month for 13 months.

Please book a call below so we can chat more about your business and ensure a strong mutual fit. Also, please feel free to me DM on Instagram @bsfreebusiness if you prefer.


Cassandra Le

“I joined this mastermind as it’s the only one I've seen that focuses on running and building an agency-model business. I was looking for a community and network that wasn't about "coaching" and really about services!

I loved that we could be honest about where we were in our agency journey, share client woes with people who really got it, and ALL of the bases were covered in the program - from capacity, clients, strategy, pricing, onboarding contractors, etc. it felt like I had all the resources and tools, as well as, the people to make this work!

Thanks to the mastermind my business is so much more efficient and my average client spend and contracts are WAY more than what I was charging before. Plus, I've also been able to bring on my partner full-time, hire four other contract writers, and be able to serve more clients.

I’ve loved being able to ask questions about capacity, team management, hiring/firing, workflows and everyone in the group gets it. It was a comfortable space to show up and share all the lows of being an agency owner while receiving support and acknowledgment along the way.

If you’re tired of all the flashy things folx sell and really want to talk about quality client services this is the group for you.”

— Cassandra Le,

Brand Strategist & Copywriter, The Quirky Pineapple Studio

Katie Holt

“I love Maggie's no-BS approach to building an agency. Having direct access and support from Maggie is exactly what I needed. Every piece of advice is specific to the situation, not a generic canned response. Plus, being in a smaller community creates a tight-knit group where ideas, knowledge sharing, and support happen organically.

Personally, I love being able to get a gut check on big business decisions. Maggie is present and active in serving her mastermind. Plus, the tools and resources that are available have helped me be more organized in operating my business, growing my team, and being clear on the direction we are going.

Since joining the mastermind, we've gone from a team of contracted resources to hiring two employees. We have grown our year-over-year revenue and are able to serve more clients.

This mastermind is for any agency owner who wants to implement a sustainable and profitable structure for growth.”

— Katie Holt,

Lead Smart Girl, Smart Girl Digital

testimonial-Kristen Elworthy

“When I joined the Agency Mastermind, I was feeling stuck and like I wasn't sure about the decisions I was making as I was growing my business. Most importantly, I felt I didn't know how to get work off my plate and delegate well, and I wanted to find others with the same problems as me!

I love the people in this group, from the leadership to the fellow participants. They are engaged, active, thoughtful, and smart – and never judgmental. They also have fantastic guidance and are generous with time and resources. Overall, it's like having a group of business buds in the exact same stage as you are, a place to get advice, vent, and never feel like you're asking a stupid question.

This is my third year in the mastermind, and I tell people all the time that this mastermind is the best investment of money — but more importantly, TIME — that I have made in myself or my business ever. I don’t doubt that working with Maggie and the fellow agency owners in the mastermind has helped me increase my capacity and team in a way that I would not have been able to before, both through confidence and actual logistical support and answers. By growing a team into a business and out of a consultancy, I have been able to get my time back, and it has changed my relationship with work.”

— Kristen Elworthy,

Owner, Seven Hills Communication

testimonial-Julie Fry

“I've worked with other coaches and been in programs, but they were a little too general. I'm a big believer in getting help for your specific industry/niche, and this mastermind was a perfect fit, since it's other women agency owners.

What I like best about being in this mastermind is the quality of the other members. All the women are established biz owners and face similar issues to me. Maggie has really seen it all (she's experienced almost all our same challenges) provides guidance based on personal experience. The monthly calls and access to Maggie's brain make all the difference.

This is the best group I've ever been in. I love that it’s a small niched group with a holistic business focus — leadership, systems, business development, and more.”

— Julie Fry,

CEO & Founder, Your Expert Guest

testimonial-AdeOla Fadumiye

“I joined the Agency Mastermind because I wanted to get in with a community of women who were building agencies and who could offer a mutually beneficial and brave space for both learning and support. My business has grown exponentially over the past few years in revenue, profit, team, and influence, and I knew that whether I wanted to maintain what I had or to grow it, I couldn't go at it alone and with what I had in my toolkit. I needed a community of like-minded people on the same path and who were also further along.

What I’ve enjoyed the most about being part of this group is the accuracy of feedback and advice. The community has been invaluable, and when I needed to make a huge business transition, the safety and openness that both the members of the the mastermind and Maggie offered was incredible.

Being in this mastermind made me brave enough to make a huge decision that I could have carried on for another year or two.”

— AdeOla Fadumiye,

Founder + Director of Production, Crys & Tiana

testimonial-Linn Vizard

“I joined the Agency Mastermind because I wanted to build a community of agency owners to share struggles with and support one another. I’d previously done a few business intensives with Maggie and they were so practical and actionable.

The workshops in the Mastermind were really great and kept me thinking about strategic questions in my business. Having Voxer access to Maggie when things were tough made a huge difference, and the Slack group for getting support, cheering each other on, and learning from other business owners was outstanding.

Having outside support as a solo founder is invaluable. The group has made me feel less alone and getting advice on practical/tactical and strategic questions has helped my business.

What makes this mastermind different is the small, personal community. You're not just a number in a 'one to many' offer. You actually get the chance to build relationships. I love the intimacy and size of the group, plus the practical, tactical nature of this mastermind - there's access to practical tools and templates along with advice and support.”

— Linn Vizard,

Founder, Made Manifest Inc.